About Us

The EHLS serves the residents of East Haddam through two unique facilities: Rathbun Free Memorial Library and East Haddam Free Public Library. Each branch of the East Haddam Library System has its specialties, and each has something for everyone. However, you might find that you prefer one library’s collection over the other. For example, EHFPL specializes in Teen Fiction whereas RFML specializes in Adult Fiction. EHFPL has a large Graphic Novel/Manga collection, whereas RFML specializes in Biographies and History.

The East Haddam Library System is an institution dedicated to providing the citizens of East Haddam with quality educational and recreational resources which cultivate literacy, knowledge, personal growth, community spirit, and a higher quality of life.

Rathbun Free Memorial Library was built in 1935 by a bequest from Norris and Francis Rathbun on the site of their former home. It is located in the downtown area of East Haddam at 36 Main Street.

The East Haddam Free Public Library was founded
in 1888 by William E. Nichols. The current building
was donated by Judge Albert E. Purple in 1919, and
is located in the Moodus section of East Haddam
at 18 Plains Road. 

The beautiful pen & ink drawings by Matt Goldman (Rathbun) and Bud Gaudio (EHFPL) illustrate how each library retains its old-time grace and charm while providing the latest, up-to-date services to the community. To find out more, visit both libraries on line and in person. You’ll be glad you did!