New at the Libraries!

Thanks to a very generous donation from the River View Cemetery Association, the East Haddam Library System has acquired two new and exciting library items for families:

Wonderbooks are a new type of read-a-long print book for children with a pre-loaded audiobook player permanently bound to the inside cover.  The directions for use are printed on the inside cover as well, and both parents and children find these books extremely easy to use. In addition to just being fun, these books are excellent for children who are in the early stages of learning to read independently, who may be lagging behind their peers, or who are challenged by dyslexia. The 84 books received have been divided between the two libraries and have established the base upon which the library can build the collection going forward. 

Tonieboxes are new and rapidly gaining in popularity. They are a type of audiobook box, activated by placing a plastic character on top.  Designed for children over 3, the library intends on placing 1 box with story characters in each library, so parents can enjoy a storytime at the library during those times when the children’s librarian is at the other location, or when a program is not being offered. They will remain in the library and are not intended for checkout due to the small figurines.